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Episode 6

20 Keys For The Business Woman

Published on: 8th September, 2020

20 Keys For The Business Woman

This is the sixth edition of the series entitled "The Types of Women". It is said that the state of the union is usually a reflection of the state of the women in that nation.

Jada Cofield has an accumulation of teachings, observations, and studies from her twenty-five years as an ordained minister, a sister, a friend, a daughter, and a woman coupled with her travels and living throughout the world.

She keeps the conversation going about the types of women with the focus today being on the Business woman. She is giving 20 keys or "Revelations" for women in business.

Revelations in Business

#1 Treat People Right.

#2 You Learned From Someone

#3 Take Risk

#4 Why Did You Start Your Business.

# 5 Using Deception As A Sales Point.

#6 Is Your Business A Solo Act? 

#7 Are You Willing To Learn?

#8 What Problem Does Your Business Solve?

#9 Jumping On The Hype. 

#10 Building Your Business By Tearing Down Another.

#11 Selling By Using Hype

12 Just Because It Is A Gift Or Talent Does Not Mean It’s A Business Or Your Supposed To Make Money Off Of It. 

#13 The Value Of Your Product Is Not Comparable To What You Are Providing. 

# 14 Your Business Needs To Be Valuable, Useful And Needed. 

#15 Using Money Inappropriately, Misuse Of Funds, Not Reporting Taxes Correctly On Your Business.

#16 Selling Yourself Two Short And Not Asking For What You Are Worth.

#17 Do You Know How To Pivot?  

#18 Are You Healthy Enough To Run A Business?

#19 You Share Too Much. 

#20 Doing Business Within The Church. 

Bonus #21 Consistency In Your Presentation.

Bonus #22 You Are Representing All Women In Business. 

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